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Welcome to "Behind The Scalpel"!

Q: What is "Behind The Scalpel"?

A: "Behind The Scalpel" is an online platform aiming to spread interest, awareness and knowledge of all things medical, focusing on the crossroads between a variety of disciplines from science to ethics. Through our articles, we are keen to bring to light research that excites us, medical issues we feel passionate about, and news which require attention. 

Q: Why the name "Behind The Scalpel"? 

A: Medicine is not just about surgery or primary care - as important as they are, there's more going on behind the scenes. We want to focus on the wider spectrum of medicine: from the biology behind diseases and the chemistry behind treatments, to the ethics, law and economics behind healthcare. 

Q: Is this just for medics?

A: Absolutely not! I hope there will be something here for everyone whether you're a future scientist, medic or an economist. These articles will cover important issues the world is facing and also positive news of scientific development in an approachable way, which should satisfy everyone's intellectual cravings. 

Q: Can I write for "Behind The Scalpel"?

A: We would love to share your interests here - please see "Write for us" for more information!

If you have any more questions, please submit them below. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your time at "Behind The Scalpel". Thanks for visiting! 

- Amy Oh (Creator)

Meet the Founders

Amy Oh (Creator & Co- Founder)

Beatrix Watson-Smyth (Co-Founder) 

Nifemi Akingboye (Co-Founder)