Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ

By Giulia Enders

Rating by Bea Watson-Smyth: 8/10

“Really interesting account on not only the intestine’s anatomy, but just how important you’re gut as a whole can be on your mood and weight. Enders discusses topics from prebiotics possibly ‘curing’ some depression to the correct position to take a dump in according to the anus’ anatomy. The book is written in a really approachable way that still goes in to all the complex ideas present in research today, but in a understandable way that mean you have to look up any words. Really recommend the read.”

Idiot Brain

By Dean Burnett

Rating by Amy Oh: 9/10

”This book provides approachable explanations to complex but fascinating neuroscience topics, ranging from fear to memory. But unlike some textbook-style science books which can be dull, this book is witty and easy to understand, so I highly recommend it even for those who have no previous knowledge of neuroscience.”

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

By Oliver Sacks

Rating by Naomi Chang: 9/10

“The book tells the stories of Sacks’ interactions with patients who have different types of neurological disorders such as prosopagnosia (Face blindness). I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in psychology, neuroscience, medicine or biology as it gives a fascinating yet authentic insight into the minds of the patients he met.”